Holland has, over the years, become possibly the world’s biggest exporter for quality sportshorses. Years and years of study, research into blood-lines and hard work from the breeders and producers have resulted in the best dressage and jumping horses in the World. Horsecenta For Sale helps to give clients an insight into the heart of this industry and give them a firsthand experience of the world of Dutch Warmbloods.

About The Agency

RD Horses For Sale is a fast growing horse sales agency, driven purely by passion and with the goal of linking riders to well brought up, healthy and talented Dutch sport horses.

How It All Started

This business started purely by accident. As a freelance fashion designer, horse sales is far from my line of work, but the passion for horses has always been with me. As an English native living in Holland, owning horses and regularly competing I integrated slowly into the Dutch horse culture. Some time ago a friend of a friend in the UK indicated that she was looking for a good dressage horse and I said “I know someone with some nice horses….” and so the story began!

Our Mission

The ultimate goal of our job is seeing the horses develop and grow with their new owners and following their progress over the years. That gives us the ultimate satisfaction!



Picking you up at the airport

We can pick you up at any Dutch airport (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven).


Arranging the vetting

We have a very broad knowledge of vetting horses in Holland and can assist you with the whole process.


Organizing accommodation

We can organize all the acommodation for you while you are here.


Arranging the transport

Over the years we have developed a very good relationship with numerous transport companies that can transport horses throughout the world.


Arranging all the horses to view

Based on you specifications we will plan in the best horses for you to view.


Sales assistance

Helping you with the sale of your horse (only applicable in Holland).